Saving the bees

When I was little, I remember lounging around in the garden, watching the butterflies and bees flitting about, listening to the background buzz. I realised recently that they just aren’t really around that much anymore.  Not surprising when you find out that 97% of British wildflower meadows have been lost in less than 80 years.  There has been a corresponding huge decline in the number and variety of species of pollinator insects such as bees and butterflies.  I started Bees Blossom so I could raise money to support charities which promote the creation of habitats for bees and wildflowers and to help people find small ways that they can contribute too. 20% of my profits will be donated to these charities.

Promoting British artisans

I am also very keen on promoting some of the wonderful artisans we have in the UK who have such talent and devotion to their craft.  I have been so thrilled to track down beekeepers who use honey and beeswax from their own bees to create skincare products and delicious chocolates.  And other fantastic craftspeople like Christina who hand crafts her delicate wildflower jewellery from recycled silver to prevent any further damage to the planet from silver mining.

Protecting the planet

And I want to try and find ways to minimise the damage to the planet that my little business creates by using the smallest amount of packaging possible and by choosing lovely suppliers who are also keen to be eco-friendly, so that you can buy gifts and lovely things without feeling too guilty about it.  As a new business this is a work in progress which I intend to improve on as quickly as I can. 

Packaging.  Whilst I try to buy only packaging which contains a significant amount of recycled or sustainably sourced cardboard, I do also reuse any plastic packaging I get sent or donated.  I think it’s much better to reuse bubble wrap that’s already around than to throw it away so you may find your product wrapped in plastic bubble wrap.  This doesn’t apply to gifts though, as I am careful to present them as attractively as possible, but if you would not like to receive any plastic with your delivery, do please let me know.