Planting for bees in September

I love September - we so often have really gorgeous sunny days, just getting cooler in the earlier evenings.  It's a last chance to sit outside and soak up a bit of sunshine before the autumn arrives properly.  I love to sit and listen to the hum of insects in my herb garden and watch butterflies flitting about overhead.  The thyme and marjoram are still flowering and have been seething with bees all summer even though I only planted them in spring - I'm so pleased with them.

I've got a really pretty buddleia too, just outside my office window which is laden with heavy white flower heads, again really busy with bees and butterflies.  I've just been watching a hummingbird hawk moth hover over the tiny flowers, stuffing its' proboscis right in to suck out the nectar.  They are the most fascinating creatures - it took up far too much of my afternoon.  But I did manage to get some photos of it!


I'm always looking out for ideas for other plants I can put in the garden to try and have bee food for as much of the season as possible so I'd be grateful for any suggestions.  I've made a list of the plants I've got at the moment which are still flowering and attracting bee, it it's of any help.

Flowers for bees in September:


Honeysuckle - I think mine is Sweet Sue - really fragrant and loved by all the pollinators

Herbs - particularly the thyme ( but I've still got a few flowers on the lavender too

Japanese anemone - very prolific and just keeps on flowering

Verbena bonariensis - just planted so needs some time but looking good so far.


Bath Artisan Market

This is the time of year when I go trawling through the craft fairs to see what new products I can find for the store.  I particularly love the Bath Artisan Market, once a month in Queen Square.  It's always so vibrant and colourful with wonderful scents of delicious things to eat wafting through the air.  It's best to go before lunch, though a hot waffle with chocolate sauce isn't a very healthy lunch choice.  But who cares every now and then!  I'm so impressed by the skill and inventiveness of the crafters - there are so many wonderful, hard-working people out there, making their living through their creativity.  I hope that my store will be able to help them reach new customers and make their way of life a little more sustainable.




September 18, 2019 — Helen Livingstone