This time of year, I get really dry skin, which is rather a surprise considering how wet it always is, especially in Somerset, but I’ve found some really lovely natural skin care products which help me a lot.  Made by beekeepers who started out looking for a use for there left over beeswax, they are all environmentally friendly, vegetarian friendly, products which are kind to your skin and hand-made by British artisans.  Definitely no palm oil or lanolin in these.

Reduced Irritation

With no artificial fragrances, artificial colours, fillers and chemicals, natural skincare is less likely to react with your skin, reducing irritation and redness and hopefully fewer allergic reactions, too. Though its still important to check the ingredients before using if you do have allergies. 

By using only natural organic ingredients, these products are working for your skin rather than against. If you find yourself always trying out new skincare products but nothing ever works, why not check out organic skincare options for a toxic-free solution?

Preservative Free

Skincare is often packed full of preservatives.  Listed as parabens in the ingredients.  They crop up in all sorts of skin products, moisturisers, shaving creams and makeup. If you look at the ingredients list of your makeup, the most frequently used parabens are propylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben and butylparaben.  What on earth is all that?  Who wants to slather buttylpara whatever on their skin? Their lips?  Eughh! I don’t.

Fewer Ingredients

At Bees Blossom, we love our Hive Originals hand balms, as they only contain four ingredients – all of which are natural and organic - and are hand-made in Wiltshire by Claire and her hard-working team. The winner of the Best Healing Balm in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2018, the Bee Happy Hand Balm contains Geranium essential oil which infuses the balm with a gentle aroma to help uplift emotional wellbeing. Combined with rice bran oil, olive oil and British beeswax, it makes a rich, smooth balm without feeling greasy.

We also offer a more intense hand balm and two lip balms, a light floral body oil and the most luxurious melting bath bar for an indulgent treat.  And all of our lovely products are  naturally made with only a few ingredients.

Shopping for Natural Organic Skincare

At Bees Blossom our natural skincare range uses only natural and organic ingredients, sourced by British independents. British Beeswax and honey feature in all of our products. To thank the bees for their lovely work, I donate 20% of profits made by Bees Blossoms to cherished charities focusing on the conservation of bumble bees and butterflies.

If your new year’s resolution for 2020 is to live more organically, you can shop natural organic skincare here.

January 16, 2020 — Helen Livingstone